Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

  1. If a student is late for his/her lesson, lost time cannot be made up for, once the scheduled time of the lesson has expired.
    (This is because a new lesson is starting as that one is ending).
    The lesson will however continue as normal for the rest of the allocated time.

  2. Any lessons cancelled on the day of the lesson, will be charged for as if the lesson had been given.
    If a student simply does not arrive, the lesson will be regarded as a “No-Show”, and treated as a normal lesson.
    Wherever possible, lessons that have been cancelled timeously can be rescheduled for an alternative date, provided all lessons paid for the term have been redeemed during that term.
    Allowances are made for
    sudden illness, injury.
    Exam dates are provided by schools with enough time to reschedule extra-curricular lessons, and as such “exams”
    does not constitute a valid excuse for Late Cancellations or No-Shows.

  3. Lesson fees are non-refundable and payable quarterly in advance in order to reserve the lesson slot.
    Any relevant finance charges incurred by the Urban Beat Music School in the case of lesson fees being paid via cash deposit (ATM or Branch Deposit), will be added to the student/parent’s next account.

  4. The Urban Beat Music School accepts no responsibility for lesson slots being lost as a result of non-payment of fees by the required date.
    Furthermore, the School reserves the right to perform the necessary credit checks in the event of a default and list with the TransUnion Credit Bureau of South Africa if necessary.

  5. The service offered, is of a professional nature, therefore friends and family should not be brought to lessons, as this leads to unnecessary distractions.

  6. At least 1 (one) term’s notice is required before discontinuing lessons, in order to accommodate students currently waiting for openings.

  7. The student enters into the above-mentioned lessons at his/her own risk and neither the instructor concerned, nor any other employee of The Urban Beat Music School will be held responsible for any injury or loss of property, while the lesson is in progress.

  8. Should the instructor concerned for whatever reason not be able to accommodate the needs of any particular student (i.e. fully booked) he/she may be referred to another instructor.

  9. Be there any valid reason why one or more of the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions should not apply, please approach your instructor in order to make alternative arrangements.